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Lyons, CO Real Estate

Homes for Sale Lyons COLyons welcomes one and all to see what they have available for you when you move there. Having a convenient gateway to the Rockies, it will be like living in a vacation destination all year round. With beautiful landscapes all around you, beautiful homes to choose from and people that love living a healthy and adventurous lifestyle, you can make sure to have it all and so much more. The scenic views are just one of the things that Lyons has going for it, they also love live music and have a great sense of history.

Homes Offered

Throughout Lyons, you can expect to find many recent developments throughout many of the neighborhoods. There are also rustic cabin like retreats along with two story, large family homes. With just about everything offered, the scenery around each of the homes is what is going to call to you. When you purchase the home, you also get the lush landscaping located around the house. This is a beautiful picture where you can see yourself, and your family spending the next years of your life and creating a brand new chapter.

Lyons Community

The community is one that is strong and rich. With ties dating back into the earlier civilization times, you’re able to take advantage of everything that comes with the community, the homes and many museums where you can learn more about the town and how it all began. Back in the 1880’s, when the community first started, they built multiple buildings, some of which are still standing to this day. With this bit of information, you can find out even more when you check out their dedicated museum – Lyons Redstone Museum. They are proud to call the town their own, and have the deepest roots compared to many of the cities throughout the state. Lyons Classic Pinball is one of the most loved and visited areas throughout the town, giving off that old world feel with classic arcade games and antiques to boot.

Lyons Schools

The schools that you’re able to send your kids throughout Lyons are plentiful, and have wonderful teachers and curriculum. With just two schools, all of the kids can transition easily between them and make friends that last a lifetime. With everything that goes into the Lyons schools, you’re able to make the most of sending your child to one of the most loved school districts in the area. Small class sizes and extra curricular’s really stand out within their school system.

  • Lyons Elementary School – 338 High St.
  • Lyons Middle/Senior High School – 100 South 2nd Ave.

Things to Do

There are many things to do both in Lyons, and in the surrounding larger cities around Lyons. If you’re going on a romantic date, check out the movies and places to eat but if you want an outdoor family adventure than you’ve come to the right place. With many outdoor venues providing music throughout the year, they have ongoing concerts in the summer. You can bring the whole family and even check out some of the vendors selling items. Open space areas throughout the town, provide you with a place to sit, enjoy the scenery and even have a picnic within the warm air. With over 10,000 sprawling acres of land that you can choose from, you can throw a ball or frisbee and talk with the friends that come out to enjoy the space with you.

Moving to Lyons, CO

Moving to Lyons shouldn’t be a hard decision if you love the outdoors and want somewhere magical to go. With this being said, you can enjoy the scenery and the homes that are being offered. The neighbors will welcome you to their town and want to let you know about all of the events going on. Stay involved with the schools and the community through various events that are always taking place. Lyons can be a beautiful place to raise a family, or a place where you want to enjoy all that comes from small town living.