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Loveland, CO Real Estate

Homes for Sale Loveland COLoveland is focused around art and business. When it comes to their smaller city, you will fall in love with the natural beauty of the area but also the local art that is on display. With multiple businesses owned and operated by those that live within the city, and those looking for new employees, you can find just what you’re looking for within this beautiful, yet savvy up and coming town. Many people may not even know it exists unless you’re from Colorado but when you drive through, you’re going to want to stop at one of the many places offering everything you could have ever asked for and more. Wouldn’t you want to live in one of those places?

Homes in Loveland

With many maintenance free choices, you can choose a town home or condo where everything is taken care of for you. If you’re looking for a more spacious, open option then there are plenty of one family homes located in beautiful neighborhoods with lush lawns, lined with beautiful trees. When driving down the streets, many of the homes and neighborhoods will stick out to you, calling you to check out each and every one of them. Many of the homes are updated and more modern, giving the area an upscale feeling with the family ties that come along with them. Whether you’re moving to the area, or just switching homes; Loveland has an abundance of homes to choose from.

The Loveland Community

The Loveland community makes their name known because of Valentine’s Day. Being tied into the love scheme of things, they put on a big show for the special holiday and make sure to spoil their residents all the same. With a special stamp on the envelopes that people send to their loved ones, this time of the year can become quite busy. Having this strong sense of community builds them into something much stronger than a place to live, you have a sense of family when you live within the community.

Loveland Schools

The schools throughout the area are highly rated and provide plenty of options, depending on where you want to send your child to learn and spend time after school. With charter, private and public schools available, there is a little something for everyone that wants to make sure their kids get the best. After school activities are also a must throughout the area, so whether you have a sports fan or a choir major, you can ensure they have the program made just for them.

  • Garfield Elementary School – 720 Colorado Ave.
  • Walt Clark Middle School – 2605 Carlisle Dr.
  • Mountain View High School – 3500 Mountain Lion Dr.

Once all is said and done with grade school, children have many opportunities to further their education either in the city of Loveland, or neighboring cities offering both Universities and community colleges.

Things to Do

You will never be at a loss for things to do within the city. With everything from art exhibits to places you can shop and eat; there is something for everyone available. Many of the outdoor things provided are parks and hiking trails. Of course, if you want to spend some time inside then you can check out the Buckhorn Northern Railroad where there is a replica steam engine on display for those that wish to learn more about history and roots.

Moving to Loveland, CO

When the time comes to move to Loveland, you may be hesitant at first, but once you see the natural beauty and choose a home that speaks to you, you will not want to live anywhere else. The community is close and they make sure you feel the same way when you move there. With plenty to do, many homes to choose from and work opportunities in and around the city, everyone has a chance to grow and prosper within the city. You’ll never find anywhere else quite like Loveland, and they want to keep it that way. Work with a realtor to start searching for available homes in the area.