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Louisville, CO Real Estate

Homes for Sale Louisville COA peaceful place for seniors, families and working professionals alike; there is no overcrowding that you have to worry about. Even in the city part of the town, many people do not flock the streets and it is easy walking throughout. With many different types of homes, people and things to do; people enjoy calling Louisville their home. For three years in a row, Money Magazine placed Louisville, CO as one of the safest and best places to live. This should say something about a beautiful town that is well put together.

Businesses have expanded, or started within this area and are still going strong. Without the large businesses within Denver breathing down your back, many businesses were able to flourish and prosper. Louisville offers both businesses and residents a chance to find their happy place within the neighborhoods offered in this town.

Homes in Louisville

With a little mix of the old and the new throughout neighborhoods, the neighborhood you choose will showcase the type of home you’re going to purchase. The older neighborhoods have beautiful older Victorian homes and bungalows available, while the newer neighborhoods have more modern Cape Cod updated homes for sale. The neighborhoods are always peaceful enough to have children walk to school or ride their bikes with friends. This is a city that remains untouched, and looks like a picture you’d find in a magazine.

Louisville Community

Throughout the community, those that live there also work there. Many are business owners and provide you with the personalized attention you might not have expected when living in a town. With such a close community though, each person helps another out so that everyone can come together as a team and provide not only an old world touch of being a tribe and doing good for everyone involved but it provides a much safer atmosphere for everyone that lives there.

Every Saturday from June to October, the Farmer’s Market goes on. Not only does everyone provide fresh fruits and vegetables, but there are many other offerings down the line of stands. Farmers and sellers from all over the state come out to sell their goods, and provides a festive atmosphere, especially for children that come.

Louisville Schools

The schools throughout Louisville help children learn about the world around them. Providing high quality staff and lessons, all of the schools are highly rated by those that work in them, go to them and have rated them. Each school has received praise and awards for their standards in academic success. Signing your kids up for their excellent programs have shown that they will graduate with higher honors, and go into the world prepared for the future ahead of them.

  • Louisville Elementary School – 400 Hutchinson Street, Louisville, CO, 80027
  • Louisville Middle School – 1341 Main Street, Louisville, CO, 80027
  • Monarch High School – 329 Campus Drive, Louisville, CO, 80027

Things to Do in Louisville

The summer is when Louisville comes alive, offering many different festivities for those that live within the area. During the other months of the year though, the city will become quiet with all lights out around ten o’clock. Enjoy the peacefulness that this city brings you when you move into one of the homes and take part in the many community activities that they provide for everyone. Nightlife can be found in Denver, just a short drive away, as well as many other activities, businesses and larger franchises. With small parks throughout, children have somewhere to sprawl out and enjoy the warm weather.

Moving to Louisville

If you’re considering moving to Louisville, this can be the ideal place to raise a family. With safe streets and welcoming people and businesses, there is a little something for everyone. If you want the quiet life, with peaceful surroundings then Louisville is what has it. Whether you’re unsure of moving, or just want to find out more about the city beforehand, they offer many activities for even guests of the area to enjoy during their travels, as well as a peak inside the many things that the community involves themselves with.