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Fort Collins, CO Real Estate

Downtown Fort Collins, CO
Downtown Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins is ranked as one of the best places to live. With an endless stream of activities, you will never feel bored or out of place. The excitement throughout the town is one of the best things that the town has to offer. When it comes to raising a family, you will have an event to do each and every weekend that you live here. The outdoors welcomes people to come and see what they have to offer, while the endless businesses throughout the area provide jobs for those that need one when they move there. With all that Fort Collins is offering, it is no wonder why so many people choose to move here.

Homes Throughout Fort Collins

There is a huge selection that varies with each and every neighborhood offered throughout this city. With many places that stand out the most, you have to go through each one of the neighborhoods to choose which is the best place for you to live. Older styled homes are located just down the road from newer complexes with upgraded homes. It is a mix of styles and choices that can suit each and every family that is looking to move to the area, but also have a home that fits their unique style and needs.

Fort Collins Community

The community is bustling with activities each and every day. One of the biggest, and most loved part of the community is that they produce the most beer out of any of the cities throughout Colorado. This is why they have annual beerfests that take place. Sample the many different types of beer offered, and even take some home with you. With a community that plays together, they all work together, as well and you might live next door to one of the breweries owners. The community is one of the best places to start looking at when moving to a new area and Fort Collins has a great sense of community.

Schools in Fort Collins

If you’re bringing kids with you, then the schools matter. The best part of Fort Collins is that you have a diverse selection of schools to go with. With over 50 different districts and more than 50 schools, the one your children go too depends on the neighborhood that you move into. You can go from there when it comes to choosing the best school for you and your children. However, mostly all of the school districts throughout the area, both private and public, are highly rated on the education scale, giving you the peace of mind knowing that whatever neighborhood you choose, there is a good school that follows.

  • Dunn Elementary School – 501 South Washington Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80525
  • Webber Middle School – 4201 Seneca Street, Fort Collins, CO 80526
  • Centennial High School – 330 East Laurel Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524

In addition, once grade school is completed; there are many furthering education institutes available both in Fort Collins and the surrounding cities. Colorado State University is right around the corner, where kids can take advantage of over 200 different degree offerings.

Things to Do

Hiking Horsetooth Reservoir
Hiking Horsetooth Reservoir

Fort Collins is enriching for those that wish to take part in not only the outdoor activities but the arts. With many different trails, kayaking, horseback riding and even skiing adventures comes the ability to sit down and watch a good movie or walk through the art museum. There is also a theater to watch the performing arts, much like Broadway when you want to see something a bit more exciting. Botanical gardens are plentiful, with four to choose from and historical museums that present you with the information you need to check out all that the town has to offer.

Moving to Fort Collins, CO

Moving to Fort Collins is an exciting adventure just waiting to happen. With a little bit of something to entice even the pickiest of residents. With the excitement happening all around you, you can choose a home within one of the many neighborhoods and become a part of it all. Enjoy the city, the surrounding areas and moving into one of the best neighborhoods in the city. You will make lots of friends, always have something to do and enjoy the beautiful outdoor adventures that are just waiting for you to take advantage of them.