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Evans, CO Real Estate

The charming rural atmosphere of this town is what sets is apart from all the rest. With old Wild West roots, this town has a bit of classic charm that appeals to those looking for that out back, old world feel. The community is close knit together, making it one of the best places to become friends with your neighbors. There are many quick escape routes for you to take to visit many of the larger, outgoing cities around this smaller one. Get lost in the feel and look of this charming town and be able to call it your own when you find a home and move in.

Homes Offered in Evans

The town offers every kind of home that you can think of from smaller cottage type feeling homes to larger mansions. With some townhomes, condos and apartments; everyone has the living that they want. The price ranges for them all can vary, depending on what it is that you want to purchase but each comes with an ideal amount for the size of home you’re purchasing. The lands, and beauty of the homes is what can take your breath away, making it hard to just choose one or another home instead of trying to purchase them all.

Evans Community

The community of Evans welcomes one and all to become a part of their surroundings. They offer everything that has to do with the outdoors and all that comes with them. Many of their amenities are for the community and welcome you to come and take part in all of the events that happen throughout the week and weekends. Incredible adventures await you throughout each of the different events within the community, opening up more chances than ever to take part with your neighbors and have a good time.

Schools in Evans

The schools have a lot going for them, with smaller class sizes and many extra curricular activities to choose from, kids are never bored. When it comes to choosing the school that is best for your children, you can take advantage of the choices that each of the schools offers and go from there when enrolling them.

  • Frontier Charter Academy – 2560 West 29th St, Greeley, CO 80634
  • Chappelow Magnet School – 2001 34th St, Evans, CO 80620
  • Greeley West High School – 2401 35th Ave, Greeley, CO 80634

When children are done with grade school, there are many Universities and community colleges offered throughout the state of Colorado, so you can keep the kids close to home.

Things to Do

With a rich local history to back up the town, you’re able to find many museums letting you know more about where the town came from or check out some of the cooler history things such as the Buffalo Bill Grave and Museum. Many restaurants provide five star meals when you’re looking to go out for a great meal and a good time. The outdoor activities, like most places throughout Colorado are plentiful. With many trips you can take with kids or on your own, you will have somewhere to go and something to do. Shopping is also plentiful right in the town strip, providing numerous places to check out.

Events happen throughout the months, so you can invite your family to some fun, games and live entertainment that is sure to please each and every person that you come across. Have backyard barbecues or invite friends over for some cold beer and to watch a game.

Moving to Evans, CO

If you’re considering moving to Evans, consider all that is being offered. With a safe, close knit community, beautiful homes to choose from and close proximity to many of the larger cities in the state, you can have it all and more. Grow a family, move your family or just move on your own and enjoy the splendors of small town living. Make sure to snap some pictures of your backyard when the sun is setting and catching the trees. This town is beauty at its finest.