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Erie, CO Real Estate

erie_350Erie, CO is a beautiful town that is located in the Boulder and Weld counties. With around 7,000 residents throughout the town, you’re able to get a suburb type feel in some of the most luxurious neighborhoods, as well as high class living but more middle class prices. Erie real estate is just 35 minutes from the Denver International Airport, as well as the city of Denver. Enjoy the larger cities when you’re a resident of Erie.

The town is full of families and other residents that range in incomes. You’re able to find neighborhoods that can accommodate a $100,000 home, or those that are looking for more affordable options in the $40,000 range. The mixed neighborhoods provide the residents with a suburb feel without the pressures of having to “fit in.” This is one of the many reasons why the residents of the area enjoy living in Erie homes for sale.

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Erie Real Estate

Erie, Colorado Real Estate

The history of Erie real estate is a lengthy one, but some of the highlights are those that the residents are most common with. Before the 1870’s and the development of the coal fields throughout the area, many settlers would make their living from farming or being merchants. Stagecoaches would be the primary delivery service for the post during the time and would come through Erie, while also originating in the area. Many mines were set up in the area in order to collect coal that was needed. The coal was then shipped to neighboring towns and sold, but continued to go as far as Kansas City. This was a big advancement for the town.

With close to 20,000 people living in the area, you’re able to find Erie homes for sale in a neighborhood that you’ll enjoy. The city can walk you through the schools, government buildings and many other offices of interest if you’re considering moving to the area. Many move out of the hustling city of Boulder or Denver to a suburb area where they are still able to commute to work each day. Some find jobs inside Erie and settle and have a family. Others were born and raised in the town and enjoy all that it has to offer. Many people find comfort from living in the town of Erie.

Erie homes for sale come in all shapes and sizes. Be able to find the house that you can call home within some of the existing buildings in the area or through your own lot of land. This is where you’re able to become a part of a nice community, where the schools are highly regarded and the neighborhoods come together as a community. It doesn’t matter how much you make, what you do or your background – the community is mixed and they welcome all! Learn about the real estate that is currently being offered throughout Erie, CO.

Amenities Near Erie Homes

If you enjoy going to events in the town that you live in, the Erie, CO community is always putting together festivals and outdoor events for the general public to attend. These provide a way for the community to come together as a whole and have a good time. Guests are invited, as well as those in neighboring cities such as Denver and Boulder. Enjoy friends, music, food and a good time. The Erie Chamber of Commerce announces and puts on a lot of the events for the community. They also provide information about the town through their website that they have set up. This provides a directory of businesses, services, food and other areas of interest to those new to the area.

The main area of the town looks a lot like a small town type of living. They have a pharmacy, grocery store, gas station and other smaller businesses, restaurants, theaters and cafes set up for those that are coming through or living in the area. Be able to take advantage of the smaller sized businesses that provide high quality items at affordable prices. There are also larger stores throughout the city such as grocery stores and department stores just minutes from Erie homes for sale. Be able to stay in the same town, not far from home without having to drive too far in order to shop or go to see a movie.