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Boulder, CO Real Estate

Boulder is one of the most talked about cities throughout Colorado. With some of the most impressive views, a fast city-like lifestyle and many businesses offering numerous goods, this is one city that many people strive to move too. The lifestyle throughout this community is a healthy one, with many younger people taking advantage of all that the city has to offer from jobs to nightlife, and everything in between. Those younger people moving to the area generally choose this city over the others for the larger population, many things to do and fame it gets from the media.

Homes Offered in Boulder

The homes within this city match the diverse population that comes with it, as well. With everything from smaller apartments to larger homes; those moving to the area can choose the ideal living space they would like to take advantage of. From older homes to newer, more modern and upscale homes, each choice can fit any type of budget that you’re working with. In addition, a lot of the family sized homes are located in cul de sacs so that children are able to play and have fun, away from the dangers on the main roads of the city. The homes are also very energy efficient and have the latest upgrades throughout.

The Community

Within the Boulder community, you will find both young and old mingling together to make the community a success. Boulder is a community made for bikers. Every Thursday, the bikers get together to cruise around the town. Located right in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains, the weather is generally mild, sunny and beautiful. Landscapes welcome you and everyone else as soon as you drive into the city. With many different events that happen throughout the year, and welcoming attitudes, the city is one where you will visit but never want to leave.

Boulder Schools

The schools throughout Boulder are plentiful, and there is room for all of the kids that live within the area. The ratings for the schools in Boulder are generally high, and the teachers are rated the same. Everyone works together within the community to teach the children the necessary skills that they need to succeed in life. If you’re considering moving to the area, consider the many factors that come from the local school system.

  • Whittier Elementary School – 2008 Pine St.
  • Casey Middle School – 1301 High St.
  • Boulder High School – 1604 Arapahoe Ave.

College is also top on the list for this city. Home to Colorado University, many college students can be found walking down the sidewalks around campus. Enjoy the ability to have children grow up in the area, and even attend a college nearby.

Things to Do

Depending on the things you like to do, Boulder has a deep selection of many different activities. Nightlife is plentiful within the city with nightclubs and bars open until the early morning hours. Restaurants all highly rated take customers throughout the day and night, and sports can become a big part of your going out routine since mostly all of the bars and restaurants are equipped with flat screens. The Tap House welcomes one and all that wish to try a menu full of new and exotic beer.

While some like the nightlife, others enjoy getting out in the open sun and doing outdoors activities. Boulder has many great adventures waiting for you. With everything from ski resorts to biking and walking trails; the outdoor person can have everything they want and so much more. Enjoy the beautiful days in the sun, and smile as you explore the city and beyond when you’re at Boulder, CO.

Moving to Boulder, CO

If you’re considering an outgoing type of life and would love to be around healthy, happy people then Boulder is the best place for you to move. The city promotes green living to the fullest, and strives to provide the most for the residents that are living in the area. Enjoy all that Boulder, CO has to offer, stretch your legs, take in the nightlife and scenery and enjoy the city as it unfolds in front of you.